KDB Surgi Pharma is a Leading Manufacturer & Supplier

of Surgical Instruments

Since Last 30 Years KDB Surgi Pharma has Served More Than 600 Hospitals & Supplied More Than 150000 Instruments

Quality Products

We supply only Standard & World Class products. All our products are ISO 9001:2015 & CE Certified yet at Competitive Prices.

Covering All Measure Surgeries

Products are Designed and Manufactured Very Meticulously. We are proud of Our Expertise & Engineering we put into it.

Our Services

Apart from Standard Product Catalogues we do customization beyond your expectations. Customization is our speciality..

Customized Surgery Equipments

Customization of all kind of surgical instruments, sterilization boxes, cssd SS products, SS Trollies, SS Cupboards, SS Racks & Industrial SS products.

About Us

KDB SurgiPharma is Now One of The Leading Brand in The Field of Surgical Operative Instruments. We Supply Globally.

Company With A Difference

Founded in The Year 1983, By its Present Founder Dr.Kishore D Baldota (M.B.B.S.), We At KDB Surgi-Pharma, Believe in Supplying Superior Quality Products to  Maintain its Highest International Standards.

Product Catalogues

All Product Catalogues are updated regularly and currently we are in the process of making most of our Products information online.

Providing You Detail Product Information

We Present Ourselves as Contract Manufacturers of More Than 10000 Products in Steel Used In General Surgery, Gynaecology, ENT, Cardiac, etc

What KDB Surgipharma is all about?

KDB Surgi-Pharma is a Leading Surgical Instruments Manufacturer, Supplier & Seller From India.

  • Founded in the year 1983, by its present Chairman Dr. Kishore D. Baldota (M.B.B.S)

  • KDB Surgi Pharma is recognized as one of the Leading Brands in Surgical Operative Instrument Company’s in India.

  • Since its inception of over 30 years, KDB has developed a reputation of Reliability, Durability, Confidence & Quality of Product.

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We Cater in The Vast Range Of Surgical Products!

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What Else Does KDB Include? We’ll Tell You!

As per demand, KDB Surgi Pharma have also expertise in making of entire new design of instrument if required by a specific doctor and branding it under his patency.

We can manufacture nearly any kind of customized products from a pin size to a cupboard or racks in steel as per requirements.

We are also into contract manufacturing of customized corian / Solid Surface products.

Our Most of The Products are Made In India.

To Provide Superior Quality Surgical Instruments that helps SURGEONS to operate PATIENTS smoothly & efficiently and are recommended by every expert surgeon to their colleagues in the same field and taking a PRIDE to serve the medical fraternity with greater trust upon KDB Surgi-Pharma.

We believe in partnering with you to create world class surgical instruments.  You’ll get the benefits of a team that listens.  A team that is creative and experienced.  And a team that uses the latest tools to ensure you get what you want.

It’s All About Accountability

The KDB Promise is based on our continuous efforts to research, develop, manufacture and market innovative solutions. The commitment shows in the result: all parties involved, from sales partners to users to patients can be sure to get a solution of impeccable quality that satisfies the highest demands.

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KDB’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

  • KDB Surgi Pharma is a well-known brand in Surgical Instruments for its EMINENT QUALITY & PROMPT SERVICE.

  • Made from high quality surgical grade steel, KDB Surgi Pharma believes in delivering durable products AT ITS BEST !!!

  • KDB Surgi Pharma’s Surgical Instruments are manufactured using a combination of Modern Technology & Traditional Craftsmanship.

  • Catalogued according to surgical discipline, KDB instruments are suitable for Operation Theater, Ward, Veterinary & Chiropody use.

  • Custom-made surgical instruments & sterilization sundries can be easily manufactured in accordance to Customer Demands & Specifications.

  • Export Potential to most of the Countries in the World !!!

KDB Surgi Pharma